for considering me as a possible reviewer for your book.

Here's some info you should know before submitting a request.

1. I always write honest reviews, so if at some point I won't like the book, I will very politely say it without offending the author.

2. If I think I'm having a really hard time reading the book or I won't get into it, I can't say I will read it until the very end, although I will try to do so.

3. If you want me to read your book within a specific time frame, please, let me know in your request.

I read various genres but I do prefer, more than others, reviewing books within the following genres:
- YA
- Paranormal
- Dystopian
- Contemporary
- Adult
- Historical with a sprinkle of paranormal/dystopian
- Fanfiction
- Non-Fiction
- Fiction
- Romance
- Poetry

I read books both in English and Italian.

I'm not interested in reviewing ebooks but if the story plot intrigues me, I surely will.

Please, send any review request via e-mail at

Thank you

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