June 18, 2017

Alright, let's start this conversation by saying that I utterly hate summer.
Yes, you've heard that right, my friends.
Excuse me, but I don't care about the sun which seems to absolutely enjoy the fact that it's so easy burning my skin until is lobster red and my underboobs don't enjoy it eather.
I hate the heat, the sweating, the sunburning, the suffocating feeling of having a reserved place in hell.
Also, where am I suppose to rest my hands? They don't like hanging lifelessly from my swinging arms; they like the comfort of pockets. Especially jacket pockets.
But unless you wanna melt into water and then evaporate into the air, jackets are a no.

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting on my desk, in my room in Italy. I have a balcony behind me which is fully exposed to the sun, that old bastard. As you can imagine, I'm starting to feel like Olaf by the fire. I DO NOT LIKE THIS.
Of course, if I could just have my personal cloud raining on me all year long, that would be great!
But I'm no snow (wo)man althought I am melting, at least, my makeup is.

The only thing I'm really excited for is that we are preparing the terrace for the summer! YAAAAASSS!
So I can finally blog from a place where I'm safe from the burning flames of hell.

But I'm not gonna lie to you, I kinda enjoy summer, sometimes, when it's not that hot (have you ever been in Sicily during the summer season? No? Oh well, than you know nothing, Jon Snow!).
I like summer in England, where you have those counted days of boiling hot maness but then you need to carry your jacket around cause you won't ever know!

Summer is good though. Especially if you're somewhat like me that sees every season as a startint point. I love starting over. I love the new, the possibility. So that is why I've decided to stop complaining about the heat and start seeing summer as a chace to start over, again.
Now, lemme tell ya why you should see this new season as an opportunity!

You can blame it on all the pizza you ate this winter or on the fact that you used all your short sleeve t-shirts for sleeping this past season ( #guilty ) but starting a new season with new clothes to wear feels so much better, I'm telling you! The fun part is not buying too much and build a capsule wardrobe, so you are basically wearing the same thing every day without people noticing (and you don't have to die ironing your clothes all the time)!

Make it pretty, add some floral notebooks, plants, change your mood board, make space, make it fun! If you have no idea where to start, let me just show you my pride and beautiful child Pinterest where I have a board all deicated to workspaces.
Also, I do have an old post in which I give suggestions on revamping a workspace!

As if revamping your workspace is not enough, take a look at your blog and think about the design!
Is there something you want to change? Something you wanna add? A bit of colour, maybe? A different layout? Work on it! I swear, the difference will help you with motivation and page views!
Try to change your profile picture, if you have one, refresh your "about me" page, do something fun with it!

I know I'm having a little trip to Capri this summer and I can't wait!
If you can't afford a long-distance trip, gather your friends, your cars and plan a roadtrip around your area! Or, if you're from bigger cities, go out and explore!
Go camping, see waterfalls, take long walks in the woods, plan something to be excited for and go live a little! It's summer, after all!

As a new season start, a new list of goals should be made. It keeps you moving, it makes you feel excited about things and never bored.
My number one goal is to lose weight, you can read all about it here, and I'm actually really excited to have this one goal at hand, so I know where I'll be spending my mornings (the other place similiar to hell, aka the gym) and I also know that I have at least four bottles of water to drink during the day! That keeps me going. It makes me excited and happy.
Try it. Do something new, something out of your comfort zone, make a list of things you wanna do or eat or places to go. It's therapeutic!

Are you still with me? Good. I'm glad. 
I know what I've said about summer and I hope I haven't hurt your feelings about it or made you hate it. I forgot to say that my anxiety gets worse during summer and that's a big issue for me!
If you like summer, tell me why so maybe you could help me find something worth loving. If you thin summer's a b**ch, raise your hands and let's move all together to Iceland so I can live happily until the next season!

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