April 17, 2016

Do you ever feel like being at your desk is the only thing you do?
Whether you're working from home or you have an office, the time spent at your desk is unbelievably long. I'm working from home at the moment, and even though I'm lucky enough to stand up and take a break whenever I want, sometimes it doesn't do the job: I end up tired, even more than before and with no ideas for my blog.

Did you know that a beautiful and organised worspace have the power to make your brain work better and it can also inspire you living your ordinary life with that spice we are all looking for?

All you need is just a few simple ideas to put into practice and you will end up more creative and productive than ever, other than a very happy person.

Here's what I came up to:

That's how you can revamp your workspace and make it feel more like a fun place to be and not the old boring space you're stuck in for hours!

Let me know if you have more tips about this topic and also, leave a comment and tell me if you liked this kind of post, so I can do more!

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